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NobleReach partners with top academic institutions to offer innovation-focused curriculum that encourages career pathways for the next generation of changemakers to consider public service and mission-driven work.

NobleReach Innovation for Impact Course

Our university course programs enable students to solve real-world public problems at start-up speeds.

 By connecting government, industry, and academia around critical public problems, we educate, connect, and build the next generation of mission-driven entrepreneurs to solve the complex problems affecting our nation, environment, and local communities.

How We Do It

Our Innovation for Impact ™️ programs are for-credit university courses that bring together the brightest engineering, business, and policy students. During the semester-long course, they work through some of the most significant and challenging climate and social problems facing today’s world.

Based on the Hacking for Methodology, our flipped classrooms immerse student teams in the entrepreneurial process by guiding them through stakeholder discovery, minimum viable product (MVP) design, and MVP testing.

NobleReach Innovation for Public Service Certificate

The NobleReach Innovation for Public Service™️ Certificate inspires students to become the next generation of technology leaders and societal problem solvers.

How We Do It

 Driven by the critical need to bring tech talent to the federal government, NobleReach works with colleges and universities to deliver a certificate program that combines the best of innovation, experiential learning, and real-world application. The 10-plus credit hour certificate is available to students from various STEM majors, business, and policy students. Students participating in the Innovation for Public Service Certificate build connections with individuals from local and national government, policy research centers, and government agencies.

NobleReach Foundation looks forward to building on the innovative work of the Common Mission Project and scaling the reach and impact of Innovation for Impact with universities across the United States, Linda Bixby, PhD
Executive Vice President, Academic Partnerships
The Innovation for Public Service certificate from Purdue, for the first time, gives engineering students the opportunity to not just focus on the discipline of engineering but the application of engineering to solve larger societal problems that align with government needs, Arun Gupta
CEO & Board Member

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