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"As a nonprofit, NobleReach is a valuable platform to help the government commercialize and accelerate promising dual-use technologies."

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Join an early-stage startup to transform mission-critical government research and innovations into viable business and market-ready products.

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NobleReach Emerge

For a more secure and prosperous nation, NobleReach Emerge helps government research organizations, such as the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and National Science Foundation (NSF), by providing commercialization assistance to transform their mission-critical research and innovations into real enterprises and products. Emerge facilitates catalytic funding, provides commercialization guidance, and helps recruit the right talent to support continued growth, to ensure our Nation’s position as a leader in innovation.

Key to the Emerge program’s success is our team of seasoned industry experts, known as Senior Commercialization Advisors (SCAs). NobleReach SCAs have at least 20 years of startup and entrepreneurial experience and provide individualized mentoring and hands-on guidance to startups and researchers, at both the strategic and operational levels.

In addition to our SCAs, NobleReach Emerge assists government-funded researchers in hiring qualified Embedded Entrepreneurs (EE) who support business fundamentals, such as developing go-to-market and growth strategies.

NobleReach Emerge also offers government researchers access to our network of investors and potential partners who can fuel the continued development of these early-stage technologies.

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