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High Resolution, Large Field-of-view Multiphoton Optics for Enhanced Neural Insights

*NSF Funded, Optics

Initiative Description

Current off-the-shelf imaging tools offer limited optical design options to researchers, restricting their ability to capture large fields-of-view without compromising image resolution, particularly when observing subcellular activity. Pacific Optica revolutionizes microscopy platforms by providing expanded-field views, enabling scientists to broaden the applications and market for imaging products. Spearheaded by Dr. Spencer LaVere Smith, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara, these products are readily available for immediate use in the neuroscience community, are in use by over 30 labs in at least six countries and have strong potential across various scientific and industrial domains.

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Pacific Optica has developed two imaging tools: the Diesel 2p system, a dual beam, two-photon imaging system offering a field-of-view over 25mm2, and the Cousa Objective, an ultra-long working distance air objective optimized for large field-of-view in vivo imaging. These high-performance instruments have already gained traction in over 30 government and academic labs. Designed for imaging neural activity but with applications throughout life sciences, these tools empower researchers to capture multiple brain regions simultaneously, without any loss in resolution. The team has further products on the drawing board to bring to life in the next six to twelve months.

Recognizing the significance of the scientific research and potential market impact, NSF and the NobleReach Foundation have awarded Pacific Optica an additional grant with business support explicitly devoted to expanding Pacific Optica’s commercial opportunities and related business plan.

Job Description

Pacific Optica is hiring a business lead who can help expand the initial commercialization and related business plans with the Company. This role is pivotal in guiding the team to driving product/market fit and early commercialization of the technology. The individual will work closely with the technical founders and will be responsible for collaborating on developing a sustainable business structure and defining the product roadmap and commercialization pathways for the team’s optical tools.

Core areas of accountability:

  • Identify, size, and prioritize target markets through conducting voice of the customer analysis
  • Refine product and business model to meet user/customer/market need, focusing on the identification of whether a service or product model best matches the products
  • Develop an MVP and manufacturing plan, drawing from existing manufacturing relationships and the output of the voice of the customer analysis
  • Drive a strategic partnering and funding plan

Key Experience Desired:

  • Business development and market assessment experience in microscopy or imaging including animal models, oncology-based imaging, cardiology, neuroscience, or agricultural science
  • Familiarity with optics/microscopy-based hardware products and different stages of developing a hardware product including MVP development and business model identification
  • Experience raising funds and developing early-stage Life Science startups
  • Background in building a sales/marketing organization is ideal but not required

This is a contract role. The role is ideally located in or around Santa Barbra where the team is located; however, it may be flexible for the right candidate.

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