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Teliatry Inc.

Developing biomarker sensing and stimulation medical device systems for revolutionizing the treatment of spinal cord injury

*DARPA Funded, Medical Devices

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Company Description

Teliatry, as part of a broader DARPA-funded consortium with a mission of revolutionizing treatment for spinal cord injury, is a fast-growing startup aimed at disrupting the medical device market based on implantable sensing and stimulation devices. Run by Rahul Saini, a biotech expert and former director of MEMS for Nanoretina, Teliatry designs, develops, and manufactures next generation implantable medical devices for neuromodulation, deep brain stimulation, neurostimulation, sensing, and active implantable medical device.

Teliatry has recently been awarded a DARPA Embedded Entrepreneurship Initiative grant to collaborate on the commercialization of hardware and software to improve patient outcomes after spinal cord injury (SCI). Currently, medical care for SCIs focuses on stabilizing the site of injury, often using surgical decompression but this can result in a multitude of secondary damages and inhibits the healing process. Teliatry has co-developed a platform that actively monitors and addresses SCI damages, utilizing sensors to monitor both systemic blood pressure and tissue oxygenation. This information is then used in a closed-loop controller developed by Teliatry’s partners to provide patient-specific stimulation to enable an electrical stimulation, increasing arterial pressure and stabilizing the patient. Delivering this level of patient data and active intervention significantly improves a patient’s hemodynamic response during SCI and greatly improves patient outcomes where there have historically been very limited clinical options available.

As part of the DARPA Embedded Entrepreneurship Initiative, Teliatry is working as part of a multi-component academic and business consortium on establishing the Intellectual Property and commercial partnering foundation, and further validating the product-market fit of their SCI intervention product.  The Company is hiring a business development consultant to accomplish this as well as other tasks necessary to ensure the successful commercialization of the product.

Short Job Description

Teliatry is seeking an experienced business strategy executive with experience in Intellectual Property (IP) landscape assessment, structuring, negotiating, and closing licensing and commercialization deals, and then also a history of commercializing medical devices for a twelve-to-eighteen-month initial engagement. The candidate will partner with the CEO to help the company develop and execute on a licensing and collaboration agreements strategy with other entities involved in joint development of medical device assets.

Further senior experience in medical device business development, including product development strategy, market segmentation and go-to-market strategies is desired, as the ideal candidate may additionally be tasked with subsequently building out the commercial strategy for those assets following successful negotiation of licensing and commercial deals.

Core areas of accountability:

  • Spearhead IP licensing and commercialization discussions
  • Identify and collaborate with strategic partners on potential licensing deals
  • Define a product and regulatory roadmap
  • Define a go-to-market strategy

Key experience needed:

  • Prior experience in IP licensing and commercialization
  • Experience working with or leading early-stage medical device companies
  • Experience with regulatory pathways in the medical device space
  • Business development and/or strategic partnership experience

The position is part-time and remote with some occasional travel required for onsite discussions and meetings at Teliatry’s HQ in Richardson, Texas and the University of California, Davis, on occasion. A successful candidate for this role may be considered for a future leadership position within Teliatry.

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