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Press Release: NobleReach Foundation Embarks on Scaling the Hacking for Impact Program


Tysons, VA – April 18, 2024– NobleReach® Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the U.S. government and nation through talent and innovation, is proud to announce the integration of the Common Mission Project’s (CMP) Hacking for Impact staff and ongoing on-campus programs into its growing portfolio of mission-driven university programs.

Arun Gupta, CEO of NobleReach, said: “We are thrilled to welcome CMP’s Hacking for Impact program and team into the NobleReach family. This integration signifies more than just shared values and missions; it embodies a commitment to driving positive change. We are actively shaping a brighter future by empowering students to harness innovation and startup principles, fostering impactful societal change, and arming them with entrepreneurship skills.”

As a part of NobleReach, the Hacking for Impact program will adopt the new name “Innovation for Impact™️” to align with NobleReach’s growing suite of academic programming and relationships with 400+ universities, including minority-serving institutions. NobleReach has recently launched its inaugural Scholars Program, which places early career talent with tech and business degrees into fully compensated roles within government or mission-driven organizations. In March, NobleReach collaborated with Purdue University’s College of Engineering to launch a first-of-its-kind Innovation for Public Service Certificate™️.

“We are excited NobleReach is taking on the Hacking for Impact program to scale it across the United States,” said Pete Newell, Chairman of the CMP Board of Directors. “Through NobleReach’s extensive university partnerships and talent programs, this critical mission-driven entrepreneurship curriculum in climate, oceans, and the environment will inspire new mission-driven leaders. This exciting new chapter will harness innovation for the greater good.”

Innovation for Impact under NobleReach remains committed to enabling students to tackle the critical climate, oceans, environmental, and other issues we face as a nation and world through applied, experiential entrepreneurship education and convening the government and venture community into the classroom around these critical public problems.

“NobleReach Foundation looks forward to building on the innovative work of the Common Mission Project and scaling the reach and impact of Innovation for Impact with universities across the United States,” said Dr. Linda Bixby, Executive Vice President for Academic Programs at NobleReach.


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About NobleReach Foundation:

NobleReach® Foundation, a nonprofit public charity based just outside Washington, D.C., operates at the intersection of industry, academia, and government. Its mission is to strengthen the security and prosperity of our nation through talent and innovation. Talent initiatives are focused on bridging professionals in tech and entrepreneurship fields with opportunities in government. Innovation efforts center around NobleReach experts partnering with government to support for the commercialization of cutting-edge, government-backed research.

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