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Akash Patil

Curriculum Development Intern

Akash is a highly curious PhD Student at Purdue’s Institute for Innovation Science and Department of Civil Engineering. He is currently working on his PhD Thesis on the topic of Innovation Ecosystems, wherein he brings together ideas from different fields of Innovation Science, Design, Complex Systems, and Semiotics to understand how these systems foster innovation. Akash also works with the Office of Professional Practice in serving as an intercultural mentor to students studying abroad as well as teaching Milestones technical skills modules on Arduino and Electronics.

Prior to starting PhD, Akash completed his MS in Mechanical Engineering with focus on HVAC systems at Purdue. During that time, he worked on Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Developing a Novel Load-Based Testing Methodology for Variable Speed Air Conditioners. Akash is originally from India. He grew up in the city of Nagpur and went to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay for his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering.