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Hani Traboulsi

IT Lead

As the IT Lead, Hani is dedicated to enhancing the organization’s IT infrastructure. His responsibilities span various critical areas of IT, including configuring end user support best practices, network configuration and troubleshooting, system administration, and assist in ensuring compliance with NIST 800-171 and CMMC requirements. His role involves overseeing the optimization of IT systems and processes to support the organization’s operational efficiency and security standards.

With a solid foundation in IT infrastructure management, Hani served as a Systems Administrator at Scully Company for three years before NobleReach. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in overseeing the IT infrastructure for over 40 company sites along the east coast. His responsibilities encompassed a wide array of tasks, including the establishment and maintenance of a mobile device management server, the creation of a virtual environment to facilitate collaboration with overseas contractors, and the implementation of a secure hybrid work environment enabling remote access to company resources. Additionally, he actively contributed to IT project management by assisting in the planning of newly constructed offices throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Beyond infrastructure management, he demonstrated proficiency in enhancing security measures by implementing multi-factor authentication and seamless single sign-on solutions across the organization. Moreover, he played a key role in training the IT support team, equipping them with best practices to efficiently resolve help desk issues. His tenure at Scully Company not only refined his technical skills but also underscored his commitment to driving innovation and excellence in IT operations.

Outside of his role, Hani is a United States Track & Field certified official, dedicating his time to volunteering at prestigious track meets like the Penn Relays. Beyond officiating, Hani enjoys hiking in nature, cherishing moments with friends and family.