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Jeanie Pembroke

Executive Assistant

Jeanie Pembroke is the Executive Assistant to NobleReach CEO, Arun Gupta, and NobleReach Emerge President, Simon Davidson where she is responsible for creating and maintaining order in their busy day-to-day calendars.  Gatekeeper.  Coach. Trusted confidant.  Calendar strategist.  Professional problem solver.   As a career executive assistant with over 20 years of experience supporting high-level executives, Jeanie has worked in both small and large companies, including banking institutions, consulting firms and venture capital.  Notably, Jeanie has supported C-Suite executives for close to two decades.  She is passionate about keeping her executives’ lives calm and organized.  Before beginning her career as an executive assistant, Jeanie worked several years as a travel agent. 

 In her free time, Jeanie is a traveler at heart and passionate about seeing as much of the world as possible.  She has been to 5 continents, 41 countries and the 48 contiguous states.