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Jonathon Morgan

Embedded Entrepreneur

After years leading a uniquely diverse set of technical and creative projects Jonathon Morgan co-founded Yonder, an AI tool designed to help Fortune 500 companies better understand public opinion, with a special focus on the spread of disinformation. As CEO, Jonathon defined the product vision; aligned product and go-to-market strategies; and managed functional leads across product, marketing, and sales. After leading Yonder through acquisition, Morgan took on the role of Chief Technology Officer for Finanex, which helps farmers in Latin America sell commodities like dried beans and seeds to “food-deficit” countries like Haiti and Senegal. 

During work with DARPA, Jonathon was the principal investigator for a research team focused on information semantics—experience that he’s using in his role as an embedded entrepreneur.  

“People who work for DARPA are great at creating ideas that could become incredible companies,” he says. “But the DNA of that company is typically a service rather than a product.” Making that transition means answering fundamental questions about the market: Who’s going to buy this product? What types of problems are they encountering? How is our solution different from other products that users could purchase?

“I like to think of the market-fit relationship as a complex equation,” says Jonathon. “Every time you adjust one variable, it affects the other pieces of the equation. The real skill is designing tests that capture data to identify solutions that you can build a company around.”