Scott Cunningham, PhD

Senior Commercialization Advisor

Scott Cunningham is a business development leader with expertise in evolving bio-based technologies for top-line growth. He is a Senior Commercial Advisor at NobleReach Foundation, translating government-funded, early-stage, technical innovations into commercial reality through aiding US government entities to select, fund, nurture, and track programs for improved commercial success. 

Scott is currently the Managing Director at Biobusiness Interface, LLC, where he consults in tech-centric business development for industrial biotechnology. He specializes in both Asset-Forward and Market-Back business development. He has comprehensive experience in developing innovative solutions in Biologically based products for food, feed, household, personal care, industrial and crop protection products. He has more than 20 patents. 

Previously, Scott was a Senior Commercialization Advisor at In-Q-Tel and Booz Allen Hamilton, where he managed a portfolio of 32 DARPA-funded technologies with nearly all aspects of company building, commercialization, go-to-market planning, financing, and investor funding strategies. He spent 30 years at DuPont, in a variety of technical, commercial, and business leadership roles.  

Scott has a PhD in Soil Science from the University of California, Davis, and a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Bucknell University