Thomas Fewer, PhD

Vice President, Talent Programs and Partnerships

Dr. Thomas Fewer is the Vice President of Talent Programs and Partnerships at NobleReach Foundation.

Before joining NobleReach, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative at Georgetown University, where he wrote several award-winning scholarly works on public-private partnerships, public-purpose technologies, and business and politics. He is coauthor of Venture Meets Mission, which focuses on how entrepreneurs and government can collaborate to develop technology-based solutions to major societal challenges, including issues of climate, healthcare, and food.

Previously, Tom has worked as a financial analyst at Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems division, as a national sales analyst at Subaru of America, and as a risk management analyst for the New York Rangers and Knicks at the Madison Square Garden Company. He is a volunteer with the National Parks Service and continues to contribute to leading academic associations such as the Academy of Management, American Political Science Association, and American Sociological Association.

Tom holds a Doctorate degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Management from Drexel University, where he was recognized as a leading business instructor in Entrepreneurship. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Villanova University and Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Rutgers University.