NobleReach Fellows

Making a meaningful impact by lending your expertise to mission-critical ventures that will secure our Nation’s security and prosperity.

NobleReach Fellows are some of the best and brightest: leaders and game-changers in fields ranging from quantum computing to biotechnology to cryptography and more. These individuals have made the commitment to serve NobleReach in service of their country to bring to life the most promising technical innovations for our national security and prosperity.

NobleReach Fellows are paired with government-funded researchers and serve as Senior Commercialization Advisor (SCAs), helping to transform mission-critical government research and innovations into viable businesses and market-ready products.

When you join the NobleReach Fellows program, you embark upon once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to:

  1. Develop critical solutions that will significantly strengthen the security and prosperity of our Nation
  2. Offer valuable leadership and mentorship to the next generation of innovators and public servants
  3. Expand your professional network by gaining access to and collaborating with the NobleReach community of experts, innovators, and investors

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