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NobleReach teamed up with Mesodyne to empower the next-generation of battery technologies

NobleReach Emerge & Mesodyne

  • $1.75M Raised in private equity
  • New Facility Established in Somerville, MA
  • TEMP Thermal Engineering using Materials Physics (TEMP) program performer

The Challenge

Mesodyne’s LightCell power generator is a revolutionary battery technology that uses light to convert any fuel to electricity. LightCell produces no smoke, smell, or sound. LightCell’s way of using electromagnetic radiation to transmit energy can be used in turbine engines and is significantly more efficient than traditional thermophotovoltaic energy conversion systems.

Mesodyne was a performer in DARPA’s Thermal Engineering using Materials Physics (TEMP) program, which aims to create ways to control the direction of radiative transfer while withstanding corrosive and high-temperature environments. Mesodyne’s LightCell is a portable solution designed for defense use cases, where it can be carried by soldiers as a drone charging system that extends flight time by over 10x. Mesodyne’s innovative product is also 75% lighter than existing battery solutions, making it a viable option for consumer applications, as well.

The challenge for Mesodyne was how to bring this groundbreaking technology to market. Mesodyne was pre-revenue and had not yet raised capital.

Entrepreneur Support

Mesodyne brought in Nikhil Jain and Bill Drislane, a pair with decades of experience in product development and operations. They worked closely with the company to assess potential customer groups, create a go-to-market strategy, and develop commercialization and marketing plans.

  • >10x Drone flight time extension
  • 75% Lighter than existing battery solutions

Thanks to the support of NobleReach Emerge, Mesodyne raised $1.75 million in private equity funding and established a new production facility in Somerville, MA. The company is now poised to become a major player in the next-generation battery space. The success of Mesodyne serves as a prime example of how the right support and resources can help companies bring innovative solutions to market.