Mission-Driven Stories

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Mission-Driven Stories

Venture Meets Mission explains, with hope and passion, how our existing entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the ideals of democracy, can be the foundation for a new mission-driven capitalism.

Venture Meets Mission tells engaging stories of successful entrepreneurs, with diverse perspectives and intersectional experiences, who combine mission and venture to solve critical societal problems. Arun Gupta
NobleReach CEO and Venture Meets Mission Co-Author

Mission-Driven Stories

Being able to bring something like that to the government, something that would make the government’s job easier, stuck with me. It became my guiding principle of how to sell products to the government—by having a deep understanding of how the product is being used. It helped clarify the outcomes we were trying to achieve. Trae Stephens, partner at Founders Fund
The common theme I see with every venture that is able to break through and work with the government is that they are building an easy button—they make government challenges disappear. Joshua Wilson, President of markets, growth, and technology at LMI; formerly U.S. Army officer

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The interesting thing to program in the 21st century isn’t going to be computers—it’s biology. Tom Knight, founder of Ginkgo Bioworks