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Embedded Entrepreneurs

NobleReach Emerge provides executives and entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to work with promising technological and scientific innovations and to craft the commercial strategy of startups that have the potential to change the nation.

Program Eligibility Reqiurements

While a technical background is not required, the typical candidate has expertise working in one or more of the following areas:

  • Defining and validating commercial opportunities for early-stage companies
  • Understand competition and competitive technologies
  • Developing and executing a go-to-market plan in a highly technical application area
  • Creating a development plan for a minimum viable product
  • Developing and executing an IP strategy
  • Identifying fundraising opportunities for new scientific ventures

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The program was the right structure at the right time in helping the company move toward commercialization for its IP. Specifically, the company remains heavy on technological capability and holds a solid intellectual property portfolio, but was unable by reason of team focus, backgrounds, and disposition to successfully focus and accelerate commercialization. Providing both financing and access to commercialization resources the right approach for them. The Emerge program value seems highest when applied to technologists and research seeking commercialization. Ron Tarro
The EEI program provides a framework, guidance, and mentorship that most smaller organizations don’t have. You get into a small organization that's 15 people, everyone is wearing multiple hats, there's no team that guides you into commercializing the product. Everyone is kind of executing, doing what they do well, finance, product development, business development, etc. Having the EEI framework allows you to take the step back and critically evaluate, asking the questions of what am I missing. Matt DePetro
Dive Technologies
Not only a great initiative program with regard to very talented and success oriented people but a very needed one for US Energy network cybersecurity needs. David Hailey
Arkham Technology

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