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NobleReach Scholars

The NobleReach Scholars program transforms ambitious, mission-driven individuals into future leaders in Tech, Science, and Entrepreneurship. This program is both a pathway into public service as well as a platform to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.

Building the Next Generation of Changemakers

NobleReach Scholars embark on a one- or two-year journey. They step into fully compensated roles within government or mission-driven, private sector organizations that are at the forefront of tackling complex challenges. This experience is further enriched by multidisciplinary programming in Washington DC in which scholars connect with senior policy leaders and learn about the policymaking ecosystem, offering a unique blend of practical work and theoretical learning. Scholars also benefit from support and mentorship from a network of experts across both government sectors and innovative industry startups. This comprehensive approach ensures NobleReach Scholars gain professional experience, essential skills and unique connections to drive meaningful change in Tech, Science, and Entrepreneurship through public service.

Scholars will work in one of five strategic domains:

Artificial Intelligence

In the Artificial Intelligence domain, scholars engage in projects related to the Presidential Executive Order on the development and use of safe, secure and trustworthy AI. Scholars support the development and assessment of AI across various sectors, including evaluating AI’s impact on national security and society. Candidates suited for this domain typically hold a STEM degree and possess a solid understanding of AI applications and associated risks.


In the Biotechnology domain, the scholars contribute to R&D, product development, and strategic market research. They craft commercialization roadmaps, engage in production support, and strategic planning. Projects include assessing societal and market needs, identifying opportunities in existing technologies, and formulating strategies for future technological development. Candidates should have backgrounds in biology, biotechnology, or related fields, along with strong analytical skills and a commitment to healthcare innovation.

Computing & Cybersecurity

In the Computing and Cybersecurity domain, scholars develop programs for risk analysis and the implementation of security solutions. Candidates for this domain should possess a strong background in computer science or related fields and should be able to demonstrate their critical thinking, flexibility, and project management skills. Knowledge of cybersecurity and networking is an added advantage for scholars in this domain.

Business Process Innovation

The Business Process Innovation domain focuses on enhancing commercial engagement and investment strategies. In this domain, scholars analyze business models, conduct market research, and develop innovative organizational processes. Ideal candidates for this track have a business-related degree and exhibit strong analytical skills coupled with the ability to quickly adapt to new business environments.

Materials & Manufacturing

In the Materials and Manufacturing domain, scholars contribute to R&D, commercialization, and supply chain management in key areas such as nuclear energy, aerospace, and advanced computing. This domain requires individuals with degrees in engineering, operations, or similar fields. Candidates for this domain must also demonstrate critical thinking and the agility to rapidly adjust to new industry challenges.

Program Requirements

To be considered, you must meet the following minimum requirements*:

  • Recent graduate who has obtained a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited institution between December 2021 and August 2024
  • A Cumulative GPA from your most recent degree of 3.2 or higher
  • Demonstrated interest and experience in one of our five strategic domains
  • U.S. citizen or authorization to work in the United States without employer sponsorship

*Note that certain roles will require you to be a U.S. Citizen and eligible to obtain a security clearance. 

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Ideal candidates should also demonstrate:

  • Passion for public service
  • Interest in forging a unique career path
  • Drive for impact at scale
  • Inspiration to lead change
  • Desire to build lasting relationships

If you’re ready to use your unique skills and passions to drive change, this unique public service path is for you.

View Scholars FAQ here.

Program Components

Embark on a 12-month journey with the NobleReach Scholars program in which collaboration with innovative minds meet the challenge of solving real-world problems. Inspired and shaped by the insights from the book Venture Meets Mission, this program offers the opportunity to enhance your skills through applied innovation and engaging projects. Central to your experience is the ethos of aligning industry and government, a concept that not only inspired the program but is also a guiding principle throughout. Dive into a unique blend of theory and practice designed to empower you to drive meaningful change.

Key Components of the Scholars Program:

  • Fully Paid Role in Government or Industry: You will gain hands-on experience in a dynamic, fully paid position, working on impactful projects in government or leading industries. Placements will offer a total compensation between $70,000 and $90,000.
  • Building Connections: You will have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with a diverse network of professionals and peers within your cohort. Harness the experience of mentors and industry leaders to guide your experience and enlarge your professional network through curated events and workshops.
  • Learning and Development: Participate in customized workshops and training sessions designed to enhance your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Benefit from personalized feedback and coaching tailored to nurture your growth.

Each component of the program is deliberately designed to provide real-world experience, professional development, and personal growth.

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Important Dates 2024


Application Opens

The application will open on the NobleReach website.


Application Deadline

The NobleReach Scholars team will be in touch with you throughout the process.

March – April

Interviews + Offers

Finalists will go though interviews and receive offers late Spring.



Learning modules to prepare you for your work.

Early September

Work Starts

Scholars complete a full-time paid position within government or a mission-driven, private sector organization.