Inspiring tech and talent to tackle our nation's most pressing challenges

NobleReach is a nonprofit on a mission to increase the speed at which ideas are pursued and funded while lessoning the risk and burden to the government in pursuing innovative technology solutions.

The world is changing, and the risks are growing faster than ever

New and emerging technologies such as AI, quantum computing, cyber, and synthetic biology are being weaponized. Threat multipliers such as climate change, a deepening ideological divide within society, and global pandemics create further strain and offer adversaries new opportunities. To tackle the nation’s most pressing security challenges, we must bring new entrepreneurially minded and technically skilled talent to help address these challenges.

Impact is delivered through our focus on talent and technology

We collaborate with existing programs that pipeline the next generation of talent to take on public interest technology and security challenges.
We provide opportunities for mission-inspired talent and tech entrepreneurs through fellowships, IPAs, and other rotational programs.
We facilitate the continued development of government funded tech R&D efforts, to scale and expand to the commercial market as dual-use technology.
We foster connection between government agencies and the US innovation economy by scouting technology that best meet government needs.

In partnership

Working alongside and in partnership with government, business, and academia we will use data, analytics, and partnerships to create a connected network of knowledge that brings new solutions and positive change for all of us.

More to come later in 2023

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