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Company Description

DASH enables sophisticated, flexible processing without the need to design a full custom ASIC. DASH’s next generation domain-optimized processors deliver greater efficiency and greater flexibility, resulting in the ability to embed powerful, real-time processing for a range of communication protocols. Utilizing course-scale heterogeneous processors, DASH gives customers the freedom to instantaneously swap processor personalities using a domain-adaptive processor aided by intelligent scheduling, a revolutionary new architecture that unlocks the ability to detect and communicate with assets and infrastructure simultaneously.

Short Job Description

DASH is seeking a business development leader who will be able to craft a go-to-market plan, influence the product roadmap for the line of DASH processors, and stand up a larger team to execute on these plans. This role requires expertise in the architecture and solution stack of embedded processors or SoCs and is expected to have experience in a variety of roles throughout the IC industry. As such, the ideal candidate has experience within startups raising rounds and performing in the roles of business development, product management, and product marketing.

This is a remote, short-term contract position lasting 6-10 months with the potential to grow into a full-time C-Suite role.

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