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Mallory Lyon

Commercialization Analyst 

Mallory serves as an Analyst for NobleReach Emerge, where she seamlessly merges her expertise to support a diverse portfolio of technology programs. Utilizing her skills for delineating market trends and programmatic success, she diligently navigates across various disciplines and market verticals. Collaborating closely with Senior Commercialization Advisors, she meticulously assesses the potential of prospective technologists’ research, guiding them towards the goal of commercialization. Her dedication lies in democratizing innovation, ensuring that every technology she supports makes a tangible impact in the commercial sphere.

Mallory joined the team July 2023 as a recent University of Maryland graduate. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering with a distinction in Biomedical Instrumentation and Imaging. For her concluding project, she designed, created, and manufactured a microfluidic retention device specific to the purification of extracellular vesicles. Her foundations in engineering and focus in the field of biology and medicine has empowered her to hone her expertise in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

In her free time, Mallory is an avid painter, reader, foodie. She loves to be in nature and has recently taken up the hobby of rock climbing.