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About NobleReach

What We Are Working Toward

NobleReach seeks to help the United States stay one step ahead of its adversaries in technological and scientific innovation. We bring together America’s best and brightest from industry, academia, and government to develop emerging technologies and scientific advancements for the good of our Nation. NobleReach believes building this dedicated community of top-tier talent and supporting the development of purposeful technology will help sustain our next generation of mission-oriented leaders and secure our Nation’s future.

Why We Do It

NobleReach is a nonprofit organization. We do this work to secure our Nation’s future, not for profit or recognition. Our community and partners share these values and are committed to developing talent and technologies in a sustainable, scalable way for the good of our Nation. Are you ready to commit to America’s future?

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How We Do It

NobleReach pursues our mission in three core ways.

Develop a sustainable pathway for top technical, scientific, and entrepreneurial talent to work on mission-critical projects and outcomes.

Learn how we do this by exploring our NobleReach Fellows, NobleReach Interns,NobleReach Scholars, and Embedded Entrepreneur programs.

Provide strategic consulting and commercialization expertise to government-funded initiatives to transform their most promising research and innovation into market-ready products and companies.

See how we do this with NobleReach Emerge.

Convene and cultivate a community of experts who will drive innovation and thought leadership to advance US national and economic security interests.

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Our Team

The NobleReach team consists of distinguished leaders from industry, academia, and government who are committed to initiatives that strengthen our national and economic security.

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Our Story

In 2022, the formerly nonprofit government consultancy, LMI, divided into two parts. The for-profit business continued under the LMI name and the NobleReach Foundation was formed as an independent nonprofit organization.

Our Founding Story