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NobleReach Emerge

NobleReach Emerge integrates technology and business expertise to pinpoint and develop early-stage U.S. research and development technologies into high-impact ventures.


We partner with government research organizations like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to ensure our nation maintains its leadership in innovation.

The commercialization process is vital to helping transition our government’s groundbreaking research and innovations into high-impact ventures.

NobleReach Emerge:

  • Streamlines funding through government, VC networks, or other opportunities
  • Provides commercialization guidance
  • Assists talent recruitment in supporting continued growth.

Key to the program’s success is the Senior Commercialization Advisors (SCAs), a team of seasoned industry veterans. With a minimum of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.

NobleReach Emerge assists government-funded researchers in hiring qualified Embedded Entrepreneurs (EE) who support business fundamentals, such as developing go-to-market and growth strategies.

This initiative also offers government researchers access to our network of investors and potential partners who can fuel the continued development of these early-stage technologies.

  • 104 technologies put on the path towards commercialization by NobleReach Emerge.
  • $1.29B raised for the transition of government research into commercial applications

Who do we work with?

NobleReach Emerge has put 104 technologies on the path towards commercialization. While NRE works across industries and stages of the startup lifecycle, most of the portfolio of companies we’ve worked with are either still at a university, pre company formation or are already small businesses still searching for product market fit. NRE works with companies throughout life sciences, biotechnology, aerospace, materials science, wireless communications, cybersecurity, semiconductors, quantum, and AI. A few examples of these companies include:

  • Pre-seed companies pioneering high-bandwidth underwater wifi
  • Companies spinning out of research efforts to develop platforms that increase the pace of wound healing
  • Mid-stage cybersecurity startups providing hardware and software-based security that are pivoting to address a new customer base

For more examples, see our case studies below

How do I get help from NobleReach Emerge to commercialize my technology?

Right now, NobleReach Emerge works exclusively through programs at DARPA and NSF. If you are an active NSF or DARPA researcher, contact your Program Manager to learn how you can be nominated for the program. Otherwise, NRE is always looking for ways to expand our capabilities. If you have an idea for how we can best get involved with your organization, reach out to us through our website.

You need people in industry, you need the public and private side and the social impact sectors. What really struck me about NobleReach is that was core to the mission; [it] was being that kind of bridge across all of those different types of entities. Nina Dudnik
Senior Commercialization Advisor

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