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“Venture Meets Mission” offers a roadmap to connect mission-driven professionals to roles that combine tech’s innovation with government’s reach.

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Uniting Brilliant People with Bold Ideas, for our Nation's Biggest Challenges

NobleReach is bringing the speed and impact of innovation to the scale and purpose of government, giving America’s most talented minds the opportunity to make a difference.

What We Do

NobleReach is a nonprofit organization that brings together America’s best and brightest across industry, academia, and government to develop emerging technologies and scientific advancements. We believe that by building this dedicated community of top-tier talent and supporting the development of purposeful technology will help sustain our next generation of mission-oriented leaders and secure our Nation’s future.

Opportunities for Top Talent

NobleReach provides mission-driven opportunities for early career or second-chapter career professionals.

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Bringing Emerging Technologies to Life

NobleReach Emerge helps government research organizations transform mission-critical research and innovations into market-ready enterprises and products.

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NobleReach is Committed to America’s Future

By connecting government research to the innovation economy, NobleReach is building a brighter, safer, and more competitive future for our Nation. It is our vision to inspire and catalyze a renewed spirit of national service through innovation.

I am honored to work with such an esteemed team, who are committed to inspiring top talent and innovation for public service. Linda Bixby, PhD

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