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Science to Venture

Science to Venture™️ is a NobleReach initiative focused on developing regional talent and innovation centers at universities around the country.

When regional partners like universities, state and local governments, federal government agencies, local venture partners, and industry leaders work together, we can supercharge talent and innovation pipelines across the country.


How Science to Venture Benefits Universities

  • Builds a curriculum and student body oriented around key technology domains prioritized by the US government such as AI, healthcare, biotechnology, computing, cybersecurity, and more
  • Expands opportunities for US government-funded research and technology development
  • Helps universities become a stronger magnet for both top students and high-impact innovation

How Science to Venture Boosts the Local Economy

  • Increases the number of next-generation technology ventures in the region
  • Develops a larger talent pipeline and creates more jobs
  • Attracts new investors and investment dollars to the region

How Science to Venture Raises the Profile of a Region

  • Positions the region as a leader in next-generation technologies which will attract more residents and business
  • Provides the opportunity for the region to define the playbook and set the standard for how to address national and economic security issues while simultaneously driving local growth and innovation
  • Establishes the region as an engine for the local and national economy

Bring Science to Venture to Your Community to Strengthen the Security and Prosperity of our Nation!

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