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Victoria Virasingh

Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Victoria Virasingh most recently ran for US Congress in Northern Virginia while she advised and worked with nonprofit organizations in the area. Prior to that, she was at Palantir Technologies, where she led Public-Private Partnerships and founded the Innovation & Jobs team. She built relationships with external stakeholders and partnered with them to address issues related to policy, innovation, and the future of work. Specifically, she led external engagement on policies that affected Palantir’s commercial offerings and collaborated across the Privacy, Product, Legal, and Communications teams. She hired top executive talent to form an interdisciplinary team of labor leaders, policy experts, and researchers to advise and guide her team’s work. She created a strong feedback loop back into Palantir’s Product department to influence the future of the software. In addition to becoming a key communicator to labor unions, policymakers, and broader civil society communities, she also contributed to the ethical discourse regarding the risks and opportunities posed by technology. She has worked globally and maintained networks in the US, Europe, and Latin America.  

Her most powerful asset is her ability to act as a bridge between companies, the products they build, and the policy community. She leverages multilingual communication and strategic partnerships to connect with people and advance shared goals, especially investments that better civic society. She graduated from Stanford University with a BA in International Relations and an MA in Latin American Studies.