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The NobleReach Scholars Program selects the most exceptional recent graduates in tech, science, and entrepreneurship who are ready to help your organization tackle the most pressing challenges facing our nation.

What is the Scholars Program?

The NobleReach Scholars program is a full time, one-to-two-year, fully compensated program in Washington, DC that connects highly-skilled business, technical, and scientific talent to government agencies and mission-driven organizations looking to solve tough problems.

Scholars will work in one of 5 strategic domains:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Process Innovation
  • Computing & Cybersecurity
  • Materials & Manufacturing

Why Should Your Agency Sponsor a NobleReach Scholar?

Access Top Talent

NobleReach Scholars represent the next generation of promising talent across America. NobleReach has active partnerships with over 100 universities across the US, including Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs).

Effective & Efficient Hiring

NobleReach has specific expertise in navigating the ins-and-outs of government contracting—from both sides. We move faster than recruiting firms. And, our substantial endowment enables us to share the cost and scale your programs.

Learning & Development

We invest in on-ramps and give our talent the support, mentorship, and scaffolding they need to not only be successful on their assignments, but to foster a long-term commitment to public service.

Setting Up a Scholars Program at Your Agency

A Flexible Approach For Scholar Placement

NobleReach will partner with you to establish a Scholars program at your agency. We will craft a program that fits your agency’s authorities, budgets, and needs:

  • Simplest approach. If your agency agrees to fund government positions, NobleReach will help fill those positions and train, mentor, and support your Scholars. First, we recommend setting up a simple no-cost memorandum of understanding (MOU). Then, your agency can appoint personnel under Schedule A(r) (the accepted hiring authority for fellowship programs) or under a direct-hire authority.
  • Alternative approaches. If needed, NobleReach can share in a portion of your agency’s cost for the personnel. Or, if you choose to hire individuals as Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreements (IPAs) or contractors, we can help set up a cooperative or sole-source agreement. Then, individuals can be detailed as IPAs, contractors, under Schedule A(r), or under direct-hire authority.

Sponsor Requirements

  • Commitment to host a Scholar in a one-to-two year program
  • A dedicated supervisor committed to mentorship
  • Meaningful assignments and valuable deliverables
  • Alignment with at least one strategic domain:
    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Biotechnology
    3. Business Process Innovation
    4. Computing & Cybersecurity
    5. Materials & Manufacturing
  • NobleReach will ensure compliance with organization-specific protocols, including security clearance, onboarding, and performance management